3D Eyewear From Live Eyewear

Live Eyewear a leading manufacturer of eyewear designed to be worn  over  ophthalmic  frames,  has  announced  that  Cocoons  will  be  available  with  circular polarized  3D  lenses  in  the  fourth  quarter  of  2010. The  company  plans to enter the rapidly  growing 3D eyewear market in response to increase retail demand for 3D eyewear designed for those that wear corrective glasses.

Dave  Dean, Vice  President  of  Marketing, says,  “3D  technology as a medium for visual entertainment is exploding. Developing 3D eyewear that will  provide a superior  fit and enhanced  viewing  experience  for  those  that  wear  corrective  glasses  is  a  natural  fit  for  us. Our design  focus  revolves  around  those  that  wear  glasses. For  almost  a  decade  we  have  been providing  eyeglass  wearers  with  specialized  sunwear,  low  vision  aids  and  safety  eyewear designed  specifically  for  them. Our  new  3D  Cocoons  will  be  no  exception. The  collection  will feature the same proven OveRx® frame styles that have offered a tailored fit to eyeglass wearers around  the  world.”  According to the Vision  Council of America, approximately  62%  of  the public wear corrective lenses.

Dean adds, “The circular polarized lenses that will be featured in Cocoons 3D are compatible for use  with  theater  viewing,  passive  3D  televisions,  laptops  and  computer  monitors.  Because  the lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, Cocoons 3D also provide maximum protection when worn  outdoors  as  conventional  sunglasses“.    The  Cocoons  3D  collection  will  be  available  in six sizes with Black or Slate Soft Touch® frame finishes.

Cocoons 3D glasses will be available to the public exclusively through eyecare professionals.

For more information, contact Live Eyewear at 800.834.2563 or visit our website at www.liveeyewear.com