San Luis Obispo, CA – Cocoons, long regarded as the world’s leading brand of fitovers, has been expanded to include a range of goggles designed for winter sports. Specifically engineered to be worn over prescription glasses, Cocoons goggles feature a dual layer, anti-fog lens system and incorporates air apertures to eliminate condensation build up on the internal lens surface.  The high contrast orange lenses feature a glare blocking silver mirror finish, delivering superior visual acuity whilst blocking 100% of UVA&B rays.

cocoon goggles

Kieran Hardy, Live Eyewear President, states, “We didn’t invent the OTG (over the glass) goggle category. Fitover goggles designed to be worn over glasses have been a staple in the outdoor markets for some time. As the global leader in fitover eyewear, it was time for us to bring our experience in the fitover sunwear category and attention to detail to the table.  The public’s trust in the Cocoons brand to consistently deliver the best in fitover performance, quality and value is something we’ve earned. Our goggles will continue to reward their loyalty to the brand”.

Featuring a 5 year warranty, the goggles include a Cocoons monogramed strap and microfiber pouch.

“Retailing at $69.95, there’ll be no question in a retailers mind that they’re equipping their customer with the best in technology at an unparalleled value. The exact same feeling they have when presenting a pair of Cocoons polarized fitover sunglasses”, added Hardy.

Approximately 62% of the world’s population has some form of vision correction. Patented OveRx® sunglasses and UV absorptive filters designed to fit over prescription frames deliver an optical grade eyewear solution that is convenient, provides superior protection and delivers exceptional performance for the price. The fitovers sunwear category provides an economic alternative for millions of people that require corrective eyewear and do not elect to purchase prescription sunglasses or photochromic lenses that can prove to be expensive and often not as effective as a full wrap fitover sunglass.

About Live Eyewear

Live Eyewear is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California with sales offices throughout the world. The company’s renowned fitover sunglass brand, Cocoons®, is recognized worldwide and is synonymous with comfort, convenience and quality. The Cocoons brand features polarized sunglasses, clip-ons and low vision aids specifically designed for those that wear corrective eyewear. For additional information on Live Eyewear’s OveRx® collections designed to fit over prescription eyewear, including Vistana® and LightGuard®, contact the company at 800.834.2563 or visit their website at

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