Classic inspirations and modern reinterpretations come together in the new collection from Coco Song, the high-end women’s line from Area98.

The cultural influence of mysterious, faraway countries resurfaces in the eyewear,  brimming with magical sophistication, made entirely by hand using the finest, exclusive materials – such as silk, feathers, and dried flowers – which have been inserted between the layers of acetate. Innovative colour combinations stand side by side with semi-precious stones and polished metal decorations which evoke the symbolism of the ancient oriental dynasties. It means that each model becomes a unique piece – like a piece of jewelry to be worn with pride.

The Forest Maze cat-eye frame is all about sophisticated elegance, with the metal profile in gold or silver delicately tracing the outline of the upper edge of the front section, which is further embellished with a tiny labyrinth decoration – a nod to the model’s name. Forest Maze wows with bold colours such as blue/turquoise and red/purple, but there is sophistication too with the timeless black/white and brown/Havana versions.

The Perfect Paring model is a much sleeker affair, with slightly square, cat-eye frames featuring a fresh decoration: a metal detail is glazed in two colours, with the edges evoking the scales of the imperial dragon, a symbol of strength and good fortune. Silky colours rub shoulders with lively, intense shades, making for a modern feel.


The Porcelain City model is an ode to luxury. The defining features are the colour contrasts and the sophisticated decorative detailing on the temples: a seal made from glazed metal and precious stone – turquoise, malachite, lapis lazuli or tiger eye – which represents longevity. Worthy of special mention is the 05 variation of the frames, which represents longevity. Worthy of special mention is the 05 variation of the frames, which wows with its stunning mix of colours and combination of feathers and python-effect silk.


Via Area98

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