Zhe Zhi by Selene Cassarin

A month ago Coco Song was running a design competition sponsored by Area98 with the Harim Accademia Euromediterranea. The competition was an opportunity for design talents to showcase their CocoSong Eyewear interpretation. The following are the five finalists of the first CocoSong Award .

“Zhe Zhi” by Selene Cassarino,

Zhe Zhi by Selene Cassarin

“Dissect” by Roberta L’Episcopo

Dissect by Roberta Lepiscopo

 “Roots” by Roberta Pinna

Roots by Roberta Pinna

“Bambusa” by Carla Vinci

Bambusa by Carla Vinci

“Cloud” by Davide Mazzaglia

Cloud by Davide Mazzaglia

are the projects destined for the Coco Song sunglasses line and which have been admitted to the final. The jury – composed of members of Area98’s Executive Board, Gabriella Ferrera, President of the Harim Academia Euromediterranea, business partners from the principal markets in which Area98 operates and representatives of the eyewear industry press – has expressed its opinion by means of an evaluation board directed at analysing not only the degree of innovation and the aesthetic and emotional value of the projects, but also the level of inspiration taken from the collection’s strengths and the actual feasibility of the proposals.

The five student finalists will embark on a distance internship with Area98, during which they will be accompanied in the creation of an eyewear prototype in the planned colour variant. The winning student of the Coco Song Award will be named by October 9, 2017 at Silmo.

Elisio Tessaro, Area98’s Art Director and Marketing Manager comments: “It’s amazing to recognise how a different point of view can completely change the perception and representation of things. These young talents have identified innovative sources of inspiration and unique interpretations that for us represent a creative treasure. We are excited about the results gathered so far and look forward to guiding our student finalists to the finish line of this contest to finally be able to see the fruit of their imagination come into fruition.”

For further information, please visit our website www.area98.it or our social network pages on facebook.com/area98eyewear and Instagram @area98eyewear

Let’s take a Closer look at Harim Accademia Euromediterranea

Harim Euro-Mediterranean Academy – located in Catania – professionally trains students in the fields of fashion, jewellery, photography and interior and product design and communication. Its main objective is to consecrate the Mediterranean as a new creative environment and consequently to prove the impact that design and fashion can have on the cultural and economic well being of the entire Mediterranean region.

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