Write your own script with the new ic! berlin collection, inspired by the silver screen. The Cinamatik collection combines exceptional materials with engaging looks. It all started with original designs. Next they added vibrant, delicious colors–from Blood Orange and Cosmic Plum to Tapenade.

Then, a team of mixologists merged multiple materials to match your multiple personalities. For your inner purist, they created our signature pure metal frames. ic! berlin added metal-acetate hybrids to the collection for your eclectic side. And to feed your inner iconoclast, they’ve even created metal and rubber mash-ups. Which leading lady do you want to play?

The Drama Queen

The Drama Queen: Round, oversized, paparazzi proof and Instagram ready. These sunglasses are never afraid to make a scene and are always prepared to steal the show.

The Dreamer

The Dreamer: For the carefree at heart, the soft curves of these glasses are perfect for long walks down the beach or down Rodeo Drive.

The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel: A soft and unassuming acetate frame in four heavenly mattes, this is for the woman who makes the right moves and always does so with impeccable taste.

The Ingenue

The Ingenue: Soft and innocent upon first sight, the underlying strength and confidence of this stainless steel frame always prevails.

The Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale: Could these triangular lenses be our most angular ever? Only the fiercest of females would dare to find out.

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