ChilliBean Eyewear

Chilli Beans, Brazil’s largest maker of sunglasses, has just launched into the states with a brand new store in Santa Monica, CA. With a spicy essence, the brand has burst into the scene bringing their fun, easy going and stylish lifestyle into a market typically saturated with brands that keep their products behind lock and key.

Chilli Bean’s interactive stores bring fun and excitement with their modern layout that provides fun music, huge LCD TVs, interactive touch flat screens with digital mirrors that allow consumers to digitally try on sunglasses and open displays that encourage direct customer contact with the product. Providing a lifestyle, not just a collection, is a concept that is extremely important to the brand. To Chilli Beans, it’s all about the customer and creating an environment that gives a fresh, hip vibe.

Following a fast-fashion concept, Chilli Beans launches 10 new styles of sunglasses every week, in four different colors for each style, creating a product mix that meets the requirements of all consumers, from children to adults. The Chilli Beans watch line also follows the same concept, with biweekly launchings for people of all styles, from classic and clean to modern and funky.

Chilli Bean’s sunglasses are divided into Kids, Classic, Metal, Sport, Trend, Brazil and Premium – the handmade line that uses noble acetate and a differentiated color palette. There are also around 200 watch options available with exclusive design and innovative technology. Watch materials used include stainless steel, brass, aluminum, silicone, PU leather and carbon fiber.

Retailing at the brand new Santa Monica Place Mall, 2nd floor. For more information please visit: