XL 2067

The new eyewear from Charmant comes with Swarovski crystals in an intricate temple and is inspired by the opulence and passion of the opera. The highly pliable, seven-lined temple filaments represent musical sound waves and the undulating applause of the audience, capturing the emotion and joy of an operatic performance, and expressing a melodic synthesis of design and technology.

Made with Excellence Titan and its the latest results of Charmant’s continuing and dedicated research and development. 100% nickel-free, with special memory functions that help eyewear maintain the original shape; it is an ideal material for eyewear that provides both unlimited design possibilities and superior wearing comfort. Excellence Titan offers amazing lightness, a gentle touch with hardly any pressure felt, while at the same time making an ultramodern fashion statement.

Style XL2067 This elegant pressure mount style features Swarovski crystal studs encased in an graceful rectangle, creating an well-designed play of open and closed spaces, beautifully accentuating the delicate temple lines.  Also featuring a new acetate ergonomic end tip.

XL 2067
XL 2067

Style XL2068 A line of delicate Swarovski stones adorn the rim’s outer edges, then as the hinge piece tapers towards the temple, the eyes are brought to another set of beautifully placed Swarovski stones, a beautiful complement to the delicate undulating temple lines.  Also featuring a new acetate ergonomic end tip.

XL 2068 in Violet
XL 2068 in Violet\

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