Charmant Group is introducing four new styles to their LineArt collection: two styles expand on the existing Rondo segment; and two introduce the newest segment, DUO.

DUO is designed just for those who prefer understated elegance, the two models feature open profiles with double Swarovski accents on twin Excellence Titan filaments. Each of the models, with its rimless lens shape, is highly individualistic and enhances the wearer’s natural beauty.

DUO signified a sophisticated ensemble of two ideals, symbolized by the twin profile lines with Swarovski pieces representing contemporary femininity and Excellence Titan for its advanced comfort.

XL2050 is available in brown, gold and purple; XL2051 is available in black, burgundy, and white.

XL 2051_BU
Charmant Style XL 2051
XL 2050_GP
Charmant Style XL2051

Rondo is inspired by a delicate interplay of smooth contours and open space. Rondo now offers rimmed styles to complement the double rimmed links and symmetry of this graceful temple line. XL2035 features a semi-rimless, while XL2044 features a full rim.

XL 2044_LB
Charmant Style XL 2044
XL 2035_RE
Charmant Style XL2035

XL2035 is available in gold, red, and white; XL2044 is available in gold white, light brown, and pink.

Excellence Titan
It represents the next generation of eyewear and the latest results of the Charmant Group’s continuing and dedicated research and development work. It is a highly flexible material that provides unlimited design options and superior wearing comfort. Completely nickel-free, with outstanding processability and special memory functions that help eyewear maintain the original shape. Our entire eyewear with Excellence Titan offers amazing lightness, a gentle touch with hardly any pressure, while at the same time making an ultramodern fashion statement. A truly momentous experience for the look and feel of a new generation in eyewear.