OKIA  HDA® Faces”, is realized by means of its patented HDA® Technology. Always committed to research and innovation, OKIA keeps on amazing its clients with creations which do not have any equal in terms of originality and creativity. The proposed new collection introduces a smart and absolutely stylish way of wearing eyeglasses: Fronts of the frames are magnetic and can be matched with a variety of front films featuring any kind of pattern, in order to suit your personality.

HDA® Faces

Thanks to the application of HDA® Technology, the film is ultra thin – just 1.8 mm – and extremely lightweight. Moreover, a metal hook holds the changeable front film tightly, making it stick perfectly to the frame surface, for a tidy and refined look.

“HDA® Faces” enables you to mix unlimited concepts, colours and patterns within a single frame to express your mood and fulfil your expectation to be unique and different every day. Changing of the film is incredibly easy thanks to the metal hook system that allows ultra-quick conversion from one option to another one. The collection shows how HDA® Technology can bring a new world of colour and pattern possibilities for fashion and lifestyle products but also enhance eyewear flexibility.


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