Over the years, we have admired the use of buffalo horn in eyewear. At Vision Expo East, I ran across a new luxury eyewear company called Cerf Bois, who is making eyewear from Deer Horn and Alpaca hair.  The name comes from “Château du Cerf-Bois , a hunting lodge built by by Etienne de Mainville in the 1800’s. They started making eyeglasses from Deer Antlers during the long winters at the estate.  Eyewear manufacturing died down due to wars, Depression and competition. But The Cerf Bois Eyewear Collection was revived in 2005 using deer and buffalo horn, titanium, gold and alpaca hair.

The Deer Horn Eyewear, has a more rustic look that is unique than other types of horn, Buffalo horn is smoother, which is probably why most of the nose-pads are buffalo horn.  In some cases the temples are titanium and a few have a mixing of the Alpaca hair, giving it a certain texture never seen in eyewear.

CB085- Deer Horn
$2,350.00 USD CB 085 Made With Deer Horn

CB085  deer =Close Up -

CB075 Deer Horn
CB075 Deer Horn
CB014  Deer Horn
DB 013 Deer Antler
DB 013 Deer Antler


Pricing will run from $2,000 to $8000 USD.


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