Seeds of Life

There are a lot of Wood Eyewear companies over 100 to date. While using wood in eyewear is considered Eco Friendly due to natural and biodegradable quality of wood. In reality unless you are reclaiming the wood or using wood from either FSC certified or sustainable sources or are offsetting your carbon footprint by giving back to the environment, wood can be the same as other bio-materials.

To celebrate Arbor Day, the day of planting and caring for trees in the USA, we have complied a list of Eco Friendly Eyewear companies that either give back to the environment, Plant Trees or are using sustainable wood, meaning reclaimed wood or FSC certified wood.

  1. Anni Shades (Alliance, Ohio) Wood Eyewear that. Plants Trees for every frame sold

    Seeds of Life
    Seeds of Life
  2. Bohten Eyewear (Canada) Unusual, Zero waste facility and trying to use compost for materials.
  3. Capitol Eyewear- ( USA) Wood eyewear, uses reclaimed wood from sustainable sources in the USA.
  4. Drift Eyewear (Launched 2010 Wood and Acetate, FSC Certified wood and gives back to 1% for the Planet.
  5. eWooden Eyewear (Italy): Eyewear made from Wood Scraps
  6. Feb 31st (Italy) Uses FSC certified wood.
  7. Giving Tree Eyewear: Teamed up With Laugh For Sight to give back for Macular Degeneration
  8. Grown Sustainable Wooden Eyewear-(Australia) wood and bamboo eyewear- For every item purchased Grown will fund sight restoring surgery for 2 person or eye exams for 12 children
  9. iWood (KY) (Louisville, KY) Eyewear Made from reclaimed wood.
  10. Karun (Chile) FSC Certified wood Sunglasses, sustainable packaging, uses local sources.
  11. Medicine Werx: Wood Sunglasses, who donate a Tree for Every Frame Sold
  12. Modo Eyewear  No wooden frames, but the Eco Collection plants a tree for every frame sold .
  13. Panda– (Washington DC)  Bamboo and wood eyewear- Provide Free Eye Exams with Tomao Foundation (
  14. Parachute– (Dutch) Bamboo Eyewear called Bambuya in American Forest Global Releaf program.
  15. Pala Wood (Australia) Does not use wood from rain forests and claims it only uses wood from sustainable forests.
  16. Proof Eyewear (Eagle, ID) wood sunwear, donates back to eye hospitals, deforestation in Haiti and eyeglass. Also offers a one for one program.
  17. Rolf Spectacles (They Also Have Bamboo) and have won design awards for their wooden eyeglasses.

  18. Razon (Florida) partnered with Adjusters to give back 3 pair of eyeglasses to developing nations.
  19. Seeds of Life (Wood Eyewear made only with fallen Wood)
  20. Shwood Eyewear (Canby, OR)  Makes wood eyewear from reclaimed sources (whiskey barrels, barns)
  21. Siempre Verde: Wood Sunglasses that is a member of 1% for the Planet.
  22. Sires Eyewear- (CA) Wood eyewear , Support Trees For the Future.
  23. Timber (Dana Point, CA) Eco Friendly eyewear made with sustainable bamboo, skateboard deck waste. Plants trees for every frame sold.
  24. Tommy Ownes-(Made in USA) Wood Sunglasses, Give back with every purchase to Charity Water.
  25. Verde Style (USA) Bamboo- Maboo Shades. Plants Trees
  26. Vuerich B (Barcelona, Spain) Wood Eyewear and Skateboard Deck Eyewear Use reclaimed products, recycle and have collaborations with companies for giving back.
  27. Wood Wear Handmade Sustainable Sunglass– (Hermosa Beach, CA)  Bamboo Sunglasses – we will donate a percentage of each sale to organizations that are helping others. In order to help as many people as possible, we will support a new cause every couple of months.
  28. WoodLuck Eyewear: Plants a Tree for Every Frame sold
  29. Wooed Eyewear: Plants a Tree for Every Frame sold
  30. WoodRoze Wooden Sunglasses (Florida) a percentage of each pair of sunglasses sold support Mote Marine Laboratory.
  31. WoodZee (2011) (USA) Wood Eyewear- Plants trees for every frame sold
  32. Zerezes (Brazil) -Wood Eyewear made from Salvage wood

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