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Sight Saving Sunday: How Good Is Good Vision?

Sight Saving Sunday features an info graphic on How Good is Good Vision? Like how do you know you need a pair of glasses...

Sight Saving Sunday: What Is Corneal Blindness?

Corneal Blindness is a visual impairment that occurs when the cornea becomes clouded or scarred. When the cornea becomes non transparent, it make a...

Sight Saving Sunday: How Pinhole Eyeglasses Work

Pinhole Eyeglasses have been around for years, and can be used for simple eye exercises.  Using pinhole should not be a replacement for an...

Sight Saving Sunday: Disorders Of The Eye Infographic

When polled, the sense that most people would hate to lose last is eyesight. There are so many things that can happen, which the...

Saving Sight Sunday: Unclogging Veins In Eyes Infographic

Eye didn't even know about this, who would have thought about unclogs veins in the  human eye, preventing loss of sight.

Saving Sight Sunday: Clearing Cataract Clouded Vision Infographic

Cataract surgery used to be dreaded, afterwards, you had to wear thick plus lenses.. UGH. Today, cataract surgery is a common and pretty easy...

Sight Saving Sunday: The Benefits of A 20/20 World

In celebration of World Sight Day, October 10, 2013, this infographic gives us an outline of how important vision is to global prosperity and...

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