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Healthy Vision = Healthy Mind

There is very little sadder than watching a parent, grandparent or loved one suffer from an age-related cognitive disease. A recent study published in...

Online Vision Tests vs Comprehensive Eye Exams

While once a concept of the future, online vision tests are starting to become an option for employees—with these tests currently being offered by...

GVS and Restoring Vision
 Bring Clear Eyesight to Guatemala

New York, NY (October, 2017) — Earlier this year, General Vision Services (GVS) partnered with non-profit RestoringVision to improve vision across the globe. Together...

Eco Friendly Vision Options: Lasik or Contacts Or Eyeglasses?

I was on the site Optilase Eye Clinic reading about all the reasons to have Laser Eye Surgery. One thing that they didn't bring...

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Initiates Gene Therapy For Choroidermia

(Miami, FL)  A research team led by Byron L. Lam, M.D., at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami Leonard M....

USC Eye Institute Patient First To Have Two Retinal Implants Restoring Sight

Doctors at USC Eye Institute helped develop the first FDA-approved implanted device to re-establish sight in blind patients LOS ANGELES—USC Eye Institute patient Terry Byland...

What Our Eyes Really See Infographic

Eyes might be the windows to the soul, but did you know that we blink 15,000 times a day? Did you know that the...

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