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Freaky Friday Frame – Kuboraum Nancy

Are you old enough to remember Sid Vicious and The Sex Pistols? Back in the '80s when punk was it, Sid Vicious, the bassist...

Edith Head Wearing Glamour Eyewear

Edith Head was a noted Hollywood costume designer. 'In 1924, despite lacking art, design, and costume design experience, Head was hired as a costume...

Oliver Goldsmith’s Eyewear RetroSpectacular At National Glass Center

Oliver Goldsmith, eyewear purveyor to royalty and and celebrities the world over was honored in a spectacular way at the National Glass Center in...

Victory Eyewear: Featured Frame- Emissary

I really love the past and present pics. Fortunately Victory Eyewear has some wonderful old optical Ads and they are remaining true to form...

WTFrame Friday: Vintage Alpina ‘California Dreaming’ Sunglasses

Sometimes you just run across come really, really cool sunglasses. Found this on Emperoer Vintage Eyewear . Check out the little surfer on the bridge.

History of Tura Eyewear

We are coming to an end to Tura Eyewear 75th year of celebration. Over the last 4 years we have featured many of Tura's...

History of Upside Down Eyeglasses

The concept of one pair of glasses that have 2 sets of lenses and the option of turning them upside down for sunglasses is...

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