Theo Eyewear Student Wins FFI Awards 2012

Theo Eyewear in collaboration with student Klass Rommelaere who won the FFI Award for 2012.

Okia Eyewear Wins Three iF Awards 2010

Okia Eyewear has won two material iF awards for 2010. The first material award was given to the Radiant Lens category under product. The...

What Your Eyewear Says About You

Is this true? Do you think your eyeglasses reflect your personality? Source Readers

Silmo d’Or Nominees 2012

Silmo d'Or  Nominees for 2012, the winners should be announced tonite or today in Paris. This is a very prestigious event with over 30...

J.F. Rey Wins Gold in V. Award 2013

J. F. Rey wins a Gold for the famous international eyewear competition, the V. Award in Sunglasses at the Hong Kong Optical Fair. The very...

Could Mollusk Shells Be A New Generation of Eyewear?

This could be interesting: Due to toughness, the light properties and the ability to repair itself, Mollusks could be used in eyewear in the...
eyeball costume tux

Four EyeBall Costumes We Like

For those of us in the optical industry, what else would you want to me, but a giant eyeball? So here ya go.. Four...

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