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WOW! Making A Spectacle of Myself Exhibition

When you think it can't be done, it can, Jackie Anderson, jewelry and  eyewear designer, creator is having an exhibition with 12 utterly unusual...

Eyewear Design-AeroDynamic Eyeglasses

Jonathan Russell from Dallas, Texas created this Nike Eyewear that shows off his love of motor sports and aerodynamic design. This is an extremely...

Happy Watermelon Day- Watermelon Eyeglasses

Today August 3rd is National Watermelon Day, although this is not a Congress (SA) recognized holiday. In order to celebrate watermelon day we found...

Boning Up On Monocle Art

Love this monocle artistic piece featuring a skeleton hand holding a monocle.

Eyewear Design: Modern Steampunk Spex

We just received this new eyewear design going into production and loving the architectural appeal. The creator/designer is Emmanuel Andrivet of AED Studio.  Taking a...

Potatoes Wearing Sunglasses For National Potato Day

National Potato Day is August 19 and we are celebrating with Artist Peter Pink, who created a series of potatoes wearing sunglasses. His self professed...

Eyewear Design- Caseless Eyeglasses

Kenji Tomeda who also created the Hammock Eyeglasses has designed eyewear in which there is no need for eyeglass cases. Fold them up so...

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