Eyes Of The Future Using 3D Printed Contact Lens

3D printed anything is definitely a global trend. In the optical industry, 3D printed eyeglasses are already being made, the first 3D printed lenses...

Safilens Receives US Patent For Contact Lens

STARANZANO, Italy—Safilens S.r.l. has received approval from the U.S. Patent Office for contact lenses which release hyaluronic acid, a new technology that the company...

SynergEyes Awarded Patent

SynergEyes, Inc. announced that it has received an additional patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The new patent pertains to SynergEyes' hybrid...

Contact Lens At Risk for Amoebic Infections

As more and more people wear contact lenses worldwide, increasingly more cases of a destructive eye disease have been appearing over the past several...

Contact Lens Reminder and Dry Eyes

Johnson & Johnson India ties with OMD Digital Economic Times The users of the application get a 6.00PM reminder to check if the contact lens related dryness...

Optimal Sport Colored Contact Lens

Optimal Contact Lens for outdoor sports. They can turn shades of green, yellow, red and grey providing no need for sunglasses.

How Contact Lens Are Made

Contact lenses have been around for over  100 years, manufacturing has changed as well. See how contact lenses are made and the importance of...

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