ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2

San Diego (June, 2012) – Carl Zeiss Vision announces the immediate availability of ZEISS Progressive Individual 2, the company’s most advanced customized lens.

ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 features new, proprietary EyeFit® and CORE technologies that improve visual performance and allow independent eye care professionals to meet the needs of patients more precisely than ever before.

EyeFit® technology can personalize ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 based on the patient’s visual activity profile, enhancing the near or intermediate/dynamic performance of the lens if needed based on the patient’s visual priorities, while maintaining outstanding all-distance vision performance. “We know that practitioners sometimes want to enhance a portion of the lens for patients with a particular need for up-close vision, computer vision, or dynamic vision for activities like sports, driving, or just working around the house,” said Claude Labeeuw, Carl Zeiss Vision’s Vice President-Marketing. “In the past, this has required switching to an entirely different lens design. EyeFit® technology allows us to put that flexibility into one personalized lens.”

ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 also incorporates a refinement to the company’s CORE (Center of Rotation Evaluation) technology. The CORE algorithm customizes ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 for the patient’s center-of-rotation distance. Based on extensive ZEISS research, CORE technology calculates each wearer’s center of rotation to within 1mm for 99% of wearers. Said Labeeuw, “Ordinary lens designs assume a fixed distance from the center of the eyeball to the back surface of the lens, causing inconsistent performance. By calculating this measurement with high accuracy, we can improve performance away from the center of the lens, particularly for strong prescriptions, without any need for the practice staff to take additional measurements.”

ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 also employs the proven personalization approach of the original ZEISS Individual progressive, which won the OLA Award of Excellence for best lens design in 2009:

  • Customization for the patient’s sphere, cylinder, axis and add for up to 50% larger fields of clear vision.*
  • Customization for the size and shape of the patient’s frame for optimal zone balance.
  • Customization for the way the eyewear fits the patient’s face for increased visual acuity.

ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 features an extended Rx range, allowing add powers up to +4.00 and cylinders out to -6.00. The lenses can be decentered up to 5mm per eye for maximum cutout.

Labeeuw noted that the sophisticated customization technologies used in ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 don’t add complexity to the dispensing process. “Rx, frame size and center of rotation customization are all done automatically. Adding more near or intermediate/dynamic vision is a simple selection in the ordering process. Position of wear customization requires just a few extra measurements. With very little additional effort, eye care professionals can create a completely personalized viewing experience that embodies the highest standards of personalized vision care.”

For more information, visit www.vision.zeiss.com