Carbon is the epitome of high-tech quality materials, extreme resilience, and masculine elegance. Its application has been used in everything from designer chairs to fast cars. It is dynamic, direct, and an essential component of Carbon Intarsia by Silhouette. The new rimless eyewear collection, boasts a sleek design with an exciting material mix of SPX®, gold, and carbon.

Carbon Intarsia - Product - 5402 6052

Truly unique items are created from an equal combination of innovation, knowledge, and craftsmanship. A very fine carbon weave is skillfully inlaid by hand to the 23-carat gold-plated temple of the rimless eyewear. This innovative, resin-backed carbon weave is another material, like SPX®, that was developed by Silhouette to enable extraordinary aesthetic details. “Carbon Intarsia’s decorative element has a visible structure you can feel. Its matte shimmer subtly shifts depending on how the light hits it,” says designer Martin Preuer-Lackner in regards to perfecting the balance of technology and performance.

Carbon Intarsia - Product - 5404 6051

The Carbon Intarsia Collection by Silhouette has been created especially for select locations, and consists of four rimless models that are available in three color variants — Gray, Gold, and sporty Black Gray. With the Carbon Intarsia Collection, self-assured sporty charm gains a luxurious touch with great wearing comfort, lightness, and customization.

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