New Brand is Only Line of Protective Eyewear for Children. Certified to ATSM and ANSI Standards 

Paris & Overland Park, Kan July 2014 – In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of children participating in organized sports. These younger athletes are taking to the fields, gymnasiums and rinks with an impressive selection of sophisticated safety gear for their heads, legs and arms. Still, there are far too many eye injuries attributable to failure to wear protective prescription eyewear or – worse – no protective eyewear at all. To help correct this issue, Bollé Sport Protective, a new division of Bushnell Eyewear, is introducing the first full line of athletic eyewear for kids to be certified to rigorous American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1-2010, and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F803 standards.

Swag in Orange
Baller in Black and Red

“With a well-established reputation as a provider of high-quality sport and lifestyle eyewear, and as a major supplier for the safety and the military industries, Bollé Sport Protective could have entered the market in an already strong position,” said Bill Yerby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Going the extra mile to build the only products in this segment certified to the highest relevant standards sends the message that we have the best products and will quickly become a leader in this category.”

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Complying with ANSI Z87.1-2010, which establishes performance criteria and testing requirements for devices used to protect the eyes and face from injuries from impact, non- ionizing radiation and chemical exposure in workplaces and schools, and ASTM F803, which sets the standards for eye protectors in a range of popular sports, requires use of the best available materials and the latest technologies, including:

  • Platinum Coating – Patented scratch resistant and anti-fog technology, used successfully in industrial and military environments.
  • SAS Shock Absorption System – A new industrial process that permits co-injection of two different materials at the same time: hard material for impact resistance and very soft material for impact absorption. This process does not use chemical bonding agents, greatly reducing the risk of allergic reactions
  • Polycarbonate Grade – All Sport Protective frames are constructed with a recently developed grade of polycarbonate, delivering flexibility for comfort combined with a very high level of impact resistance.


Bollé Sport Protective/3
Available early fall, 2014, there will be five styles in the initial Bollé Sport Protective collection: Coverage, Crunch, Swag, Dominance and Baller. All models will be available with plano and Rx lenses. Eyecare professionals will have the option of sourcing their own Rx lenses or ordering directly from Bollé, using the company’s advanced ecommerce site, Only orders fulfilled by the company’s dedicated laboratory will include official safety markings indicating proof of compliance with the applicable standards.

Bollé has named basketball champion and MVP, Tony Parker, as the official spokesperson for the Sport Protective brand. Mr. Parker has a long history with the company and has worn Bollé Safety eyewear in international competition. “I’m proud to support the Bollé Sport Protective program because young people who wear prescription eyewear need the best possible eye protection in order to focus on the game completely and to enjoy it,” said Parker.

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