Bolle Duchess

Introduced in 2011, the Bollé Gravity with spherical lens quickly became one of the brand’s best sellers. Now, with more skiers and boarders recognizing the advantages of an extra-wide field of vision and minimal distortion, Bollé is introducing two new models with spherical lenses, Emperor and Duchess.

Bolle Duchess
Bolle Duchess

To keep weight to a minimum and the look sleek, Bollé’s design team opted for a minimalist frame size. The use of high quality, impact-resistant resins allows for a narrower form without compromising structural integrity. At less than 140 grams (5 ounces), Emperor is very light and Duchess – with a low profile frame – manages to shed a few more grams. Performance and comfort features includee:

  • Wide Field of View – A full 180° ensures unobstructed peripheral vision
  • Equalizer Vent – Waterproof/breathable technology allows fog-dispersing, dual-
  • Direction airflow, preventing moisture infiltration between sealed double lens
  • Triple Density Foam – Ultra-soft fleece on the skin for comfort with progressively
  • Firmer foam layers for stability
  • Forestay System (Duchess only) – Swiveling outrigger attachments optimize fit whether or not the user is wearing a helmet (more)
Bolle Emperor
Bolle Emperor

“Spherical lenses are great for optimizing field of view from side to side,” said Chloé Gérard, Global Goggles & Helmets Product Manager. “With Emperor and Duchess, we’ve increased the viewing area in all directions while keeping the overall size of the goggles to a minimum.”

  • Emperor and Duchess are equipped with a number of additional technologies, including:
  • Perfect Helmet/Goggle Integration – Bollé helmets and goggles are developed in parallel to ensure perfect fit, optimal ventilation and comfort
  • Double Lens – Manages condensation by creating a dual-pane barrier between cold, dry outer air and warm, moist inner air
  • Flow-Tech® Venting – Designed to prevent fogging by creating airflow over the inside surface of the lens
  • P80+ Layer – An anti-fog layer embedded into the inner lens disperses moisture

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