When you think of London you may picture the royal family, afternoon tea, and rainy weather.  If that’s all that comes to mind its time to acquaint yourself with its edgy fashion scene.  London is international mecca for avant garde looks, street style, and over the top headwear designs from House of Flora.

graffiti Visor

House of Flora doesn’t limit their creative designs to just headwear; feisty eyewear inceptions also propel the brand.  Here we see deep blue wrap around goggles that are exploding with personality.  These unique shades have a graffiti look to them that coexists perfectly with urban street style.


If subtlety (and I use that term lightly) is more your thing, there is also a dark gray version of the goggles. Let’s just say this eyewear choice makes a statement without literally “making a statement”.  This seamless asymmetric design is far from simple and certainly gives any other goggle a run for its money.

Via House of Flora