Roger  of Roger Eye Design in a creative moment thought about daily disposable contact lens, why not daily disposable eyewear. Of course not wanting to add more to landfills, why not use recycled material i.e used cardboard and create a disposable eyewear frame for the tree hugging greenie fashionista.

The base is a plastic piece in between the cardboard sheets. The lens-shape of the plastic piece is a bit bigger so it gives a groove or therefore it gives opticians the possibility to edge a facet onto the lens. The frame comes in two pieces. A frame and an insert back piece that holds a strip. If the strip is pulled of there’s adhesive tape behind it.

Place the lenses on the inside of the frame onto the shape stick the back piece on and press it together. And voila!! (his words) an eco friendly fashionable eyeglass frame!

The idea is to wear it (for as long as it holds) and put the lenses into another frame when it is worn out and recycle it (good for the environment). The temple is adjustable as well.

Cardboard Frame and Separate Inside Piece
Edge lenses with normal groove and place lenses inside the frame
Peel Off Strip
Stick it over the lenses and press and glasses are ready to go
Multiple Colors are available but will always change due to the recycled cardboard

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