Color, color and more color! A true explosion of bold, bright colors defines the new KAOS frames, Area98’s line for children. Captivating shapes, neon applications and original metalwork define the new models, designed for those who fearlessly look to the future with a touch of irony. Unusual laminations are combined with astonishing decorative elements, transforming each frame into a unique piece with a strong personality.


The KK426 model has a slightly cat-eye round shape and a frame front that combines acetates with different patterns. The temples display a metal insert embellished with small colourful details that reference decorative elements on clothes and accessories.


In the boxy KK427 model, a metal insert with a multi-coloured relief decoration applied to the hinges lends personality to the temples. Extravagant patterns extend along the temples and the front, which is thicker on the top than at the bottom, a detail that gives the frame an extremely modern design.


The completely acetate KK432 model has a wide, slightly boxy round shape. The decoration with a zig zag incision gives movement to the temples, ironically evoking the thunderbolt symbol of comic book superheroes.


The rounded KK433 model has a slim frame that plays with colour contrasts and captures your attention with the fun detail of the temples: a metal insert decorated with three-dimensional, two-tone elements that create a dynamic, light effect.

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