Filigree may not be a word in used in everyday conversation, let alone is it demonstrated one’s clothing or eyewear selection, but be it know this classic baroque style, most commonly demonstrated in jewelry and metalwork, commands both respect and admiration.

Style 5706
Style 5706

William Morris London has showcased a lovely collection of eyewear that pays homage to intricate and elegant design that is Filigree.  The brand promises to provide original designs that will continually evolve.  This lovely amber tone frame has been fashioned into a very wearable shape suitable for everyday, but more extraordinary is the filigree design on the upper rims of the glasses.


A black frame is always an easy choice when it comes to picking out eyewear.  The solid tone will go with just about everything but the filagree design gives the glasses a touch or prestige that is far from ordinary.  These glasses will standout without begging for attention.


The William Morris London eyewear’s mission statement promises to adhere to “family values” in its decades of existence.  Blood is certainly thicker than water with these bold crimson colored spectacles adorned with the gold filigree design.  The unusual color of the eyeglasses looks absolutely luxurious and is sure to complement the wearer.


The Baroque period which made Filagree popular is known in history for its specific style of music and architectural.  More than that we cannot forget the royal kingdoms that reigned, and to this day there is no color more royal than purple.  These deep violet frames by William Morris London hit every note to imperial satisfaction.  These magnificent eyeglasses exude sophistication and style that will remain unparalleled year after year.

Via: Classique Eyewear