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Barbie Dolls are not just for little girls, there is a huge collectible market for Barbie Lovers throughout the world. Barbie turned 50 in 2009 and believe it or not the 29ths annual Barbie convention sold out in 2 days. Barbie lovers from 13-80 and all over the globe came to celebrate Barbies Birthday. One of the most coveted Barbies To won is Mattels’ 50th anniversary doll worth a whopping $50,000.  Barbie is decked out in 34 carats worth of white and black diamonds, which sparkle down to her heels, complete with a 24-karat-gold chain bracelet on her left wrist.

Mattel estimates there are over 100,000 active Barbie Collectors in the world with 90% being women of the average age of 40. The average collector spends $1000 per year on collecting Barbies. (source wikipedia)

Barbie eyewear for kids (through has been around for years, but who would have thought that their was an adult version for Barbie Eyewear!  Inottica based in Italy owns the license for Barbie Eyewear kids and adults.

A few styles of Barbie Eyewear For Women, the big ‘B’ for Barbie emblazoned on the temple- along with a Barbie silhouette. Barbie Lovers everywhere can proudly show off their Barbie Eyewear

If you are interested in seeing more you will have to contact Inottica and use their contact form as they don’t have much on the site. To the best of my knowledge there is no USA based Barbie eyewear distributor.


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