Sunday 21st and Monday 22nd May, in the Barberini Headquarters in Silvi, the first Well-seeing Academy of 2017 opened its doors to many opticians. Prof. Anto Rossetti, teacher of Optometry at Padua University, held the lessons.

The courses, that will take place again in June, July and September, are aimed at raising optician’s awareness on the effects that sun light might have on the eyes if not well protected; in this way the opticians will be able to pass this information to their clients and allow everyone to be able to admire the beauty of the world in complete safety.

This is to educate people on the importance of using top-quality sunglasses which can offer the maximum visual protection from UV Rays, IR Rays and Blue Light.

The opticians that will take part to the Academy courses will be considered Specialist on Sun Opticians, will get dedicated formative materials and POPs and their store will be part of a list of high-skilled opticians on the website

The Academy is already active in Benelux and from September it will be available also in France, two of the countries that most appreciated the Well-seeing project.

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