While most of our readers are bundled up fighting off the chill and snow of winter in North America and Europe, our friends in the land down under are enjoying the height of their summer. Today is Australia Day, marking the anniversary of the 1799 arrival of the first fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales and the raising of the flag in Sydney Cove. It is not, as some of us in North America believe, Australia Independence Day, which is instead celebrated every January 1st.

Le Specs sunglasses

To make Australia Day and as an homage to missing the warmth of the summer sun, we want to share some great Australian Sunglasses and eyeglasses with our readers.

Let’s start with a name that’s sure to throw you for a loop, Le Specs. One would assume reading the name, that this is a French company. It is instead an Australian company (hence the inclusion) started by French expatriates back in the late 70’s.

Le Specs Paramount Sunglass


Le Specs Bandwagon Sunglass

For more information on Le Specs, click here.

Peter Coombs is an Australian jewelry and eyewear designer who has been designing spectacles since 1985. Based in Adelaide, he has spent years creating jewelry for the face. No question the style and craftsmanship shows in every piece of this eyewear and sunglass line.

Peter Coombs Campagne
Peter Coombs Martini

For more information about Peter Coombs eyewear, click here.

Paul Taylor has spent over 30 years in optical, first as an optical mechanic and then an optical dispenser. Now as a designer, Paul Taylor has a unique line of eyeglasses and sunglasses with customers throughout the world.

Paul Taylor Doris Sun
Paul Taylor Dolly Sun

For more information about Paul Taylor sunglasses, click here.

South Cali is another Australian brand whose name throws everyone for a loop. Born on the beach of San Diego in 2013, this is a Melbourne brand whose sunglasses feature polarized lenses that are UV-400 rated, all with California beach names.

South Cali Venice
South Cali Santa Monica

For more information on South Cali, click here.

Chronicles of Never is a unique Australian men’s fashion brand. Their sunglasses are handcrafted in Japan out of titanium and Japanese acetate.

Chronicles of Never Alchemy
Chronicles of Never Blind Science

For more information on Chronicles of Never, click here.


Quay Australia has been making unique sunglasses for over a dozen years for men and women that set trends, due to their loyal and passionate following. Based in Melbourne they have some wonderful sunglasses well worth taking a look at.

QUAY Needing frame
QUAY Here We Are

For more information on QUAY Australia, click here.

Valley Eyewear is another fun brand from the east coast of Australia. Founded by Michael and Tenielle Crawley, this company has been pushing the boundaries of fashion eyewear.

Valley Delaluna
Valley Manubrium

For more information on Valley eyewear, click here.


There are quite a few Australian sunglasses companies not listed here. We wish we had the time and space to list them all, but the preceding shades should give you a great idea of the depth of design and flavor Australians head to the beach this weekend with.

Happy Austraila Day!