My grandmother loved Elvis and through her I got to know The King’s music. Back in the 1950’s Rock and Roll was considered by many as ‘immoral’ works of the devil, especially Elvis, with his ‘swivel hips’ A very radical method of dancing at the time… tame compared to todays dancing, where.. lets not go there. I don’t know what brand the aviators were, but I do know the Nautic by Neostyle. Elvis was known for his bold and gold sunglasses.

Elvis Broken Aviators Sold at Auction

Here he is wearing the Neostyle Nautic

Dennis Roberts of Beverly Hills sold Elvis his custom Nautic.The frames have a 14k “TCB” lightning bold o the temples and sold fro $21,510 (Source)

You can purchase a replica Nautic for $16.00

Here he is in 1957 Singing Jailhouse Rock, a song that has lived on..

Etnia 619 Mid Page


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