Aspire, an industry leader in thin and light eyewear, has just announced the release of its latest frame collection: Aspire SDA. Featuring a proprietary acetate process, the latest styles continue to deliver the cutting-edge eyewear technology that Aspire is known for, in a new, ultra-lightweight frame.
Features include a universal bridge fit without metal pad arms and nose pads as well as a unique temple design.The SDA (Special Deluxe Acetate) material process also allows fora variety of new colorations and patterns, with rich, multicolored tortoises and horns that, along with classic, best-selling solids, create a beautiful color story.
Diligent by Aspire

Diligent: a modified fuller square eye shape


Affectionate by Aspire
Affectionate:a smaller,butterfly eye shape
Adorable by Aspire
Adorable:a round eye shape with a keyhole bridge design
Decisive by Aspire
Decisive: a narrow rectangular eye shape with a keyhole bridge design
Decisive by Aspire
Determined:a fuller,square eye shape
Determined by Aspire
Inventive: a classic,round eye shape
Inventive by Aspire
With the introduction of the SDA collection and the breadth of the brand’s entire range, Aspire has reinforced itself as an industry leader in the thin and light eyewear category.Aspire Eyewear has grown into an acclaimed brand recognized around the world. With more than 50 unique styles, Aspire Eyewear has a style for every eyewear consumer.
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