Amazing in Floral

Aspire Titanium weighs on 13 grams and is perfect for those seeking lightweight yet fashionable eyewear. Each style features a patent-pending hidden rim lock mechanism that is easy to use and is invisible to the naked eye.

Aspire Eyewear is revolutionizing the eyewear industry once again with its newest collection of titanium frames,” says Maria Velasquez, Aspire brand designer. “This collection offers consumers the same ultra-lightweight feel the brand has always provided, as well as all of the benefits of titanium: high quality, durability, and hypoallergenic. With its wide array of fashionable shapes and colors, Aspire Titanium has something for every consumer who wants to stand out with their eyewear.”

Kind: The smallest sized frame of the collection, Kind provides a precise fit for petite-featured women. This modified oval frame features beautiful, pierced stainless steel temples. Available in black matte, brown jaguar, and pomegranate matte.

Kind in Matte Black
Kind in Brown Jaguar
Kind in Matte Pomegranate

Amazing: This women’s style has a deep square eye shape. The sleek, pierced stainless steel temples provide an airy look to this bold frame. Available in berry matte, black matte, and floral.

Amazing in Floral
Amazing in Matte Black
Amazing in Matte Berry

Via Clearvision Optical