Ashbury Sunwear  announced a partnership with Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision! Starting immediately, all of their sunglasses will come standard with Carl Zeiss Vision sun lenses! In mid May all of  the shades will come with a Carl Zeiss Vision pamphlet to inform customers of the added value. They are proud to be one of the few brands approved to be able to use Carl Zeiss sun lenses in our sunglasses.

Ashbury focuses on quality and timeless styles. Products are made using only the best possible materials and the highest quality manufacturing, for this reason Ashbury decided to partner up with Optics by Car Zeiss Vision lenses which guarantee an extremely high level of protection for your eyes in all conditions.

Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlenses have been tested in order to achieve advanced optical perfection, guaranteeing a better protection for your eyes. Protecting your eyes is very important and requires the proper protection everyday, this can only be achieved with top quality sunlenses. Provide your eyes with better protection using Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision sunlenses.

For more information on Carl Zeiss Vision sun lenses, please click HERE.