adlens-white2014 has shown unprecedented levels of consumer demand for Adlens eyewear. With more than 600,000 people wearing Adlens products globally, Adlens is making it easier than ever for US consumers to access non-prescription adjustable focus eyewear.

In response to this extraordinary consumer demand, Adlens plans further outreach to end users of its eyewear, giving them the chance to discover a new product which could solve daily problems and enhance their visual experience. A new television campaign will launch in September describing and demonstrating Adlens adjustable focus eyewear, with a potential reach of more than 70 million people in the United States alone.

Demonstrations which reveal the unique benefits of Adlens eyewear have consistently resulted in high consumer interest. When people see the practical applications of a continuously adjustable pair of eyewear, they understand the usefulness of keeping a pair around the house, in a desk drawer at work, in the car glove box, or for many other tasks specific to their lifestyle. Now consumers can immediately obtain their own pair by ordering online or by phone.

Retail partners working with Adlens have also welcomed this kind of direct promotion, as it raises awareness of adjustable focus eyewear for their own customers. Many have commented that they feel it is a strong investment to help bring a new category of eyewear to light across the US, and the world.

Mara Nieuwsma, Director of Marketing at Adlens, commented, “Our product researchers and designers have made feedback from consumers a key foundation of their approach. Adlens’ vision from the beginning has been to improve the visual experience of millions of people, from those suffering with presbyopia, fluctuating vision or just those who need to fine tune their vision for specific circumstances. The incredibly positive response to our products is a great indication that our designers are meeting genuine consumer needs.”

Adlens AdjustablesTM, Adlens SundialsTM and Adlens InterfaceTM are widely available in retail and optical stores across the world.

Via Adlens