Adlens Interface computer use 2Adlens®,leader in adjustable focus eyewear, has identified a continuing trend in the publication of health warnings and studies related to harmful blue light emitted by screens. Exposure to these harmful wavelengths continues to increase as all generations become more and more dependent on smartphones, computers, televisions and tablets. Based on this, Adlens InterfaceTM proves to be the perfect solution to combat blue light and other eye strain associated with screen use.

The Vision Council released a new report at CES 2015, titled “Hindsight is 20/20/20: Protect your eyes from digital devices”. The report discusses the dangers of blue light; particularly wavelengths between 415 & 455 nanometers. It claims that “Because blue light can reach deeper into the eye than ultraviolet light, it may damage the retina. Although the issue is nascent, emerging research points to a possible link between exposure to blue light and long-term vision issues such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts”.

This matches research conducted over the past decade, as early as a 2004 UK study where the abstract states “On balance the evidences suggests but does not yet confirm that blue light is a risk factor for AMD”. These findings were enhanced again in a well-known 2011 study in France, centering on the potentially harmful ocular effects of using LEDs for domestic lighting. Ongoing research continues to highlight the potential dangers of prolonged screen use at all hours of the day, with indications that blue light emitted by screens is linked to eye strain, and at worst, AMD.

Adlens Interface has been shown to block 80% of harmful blue light. Such effective blue light reduction could make a significant contribution to eye health for those who regularly use screens, as well as limit the symptoms of digital eye strain. These include dry, itchy eyes; neck, shoulder or back aches; headaches, and blurred vision.

What makes Adlens Interface especially unique is the addition of its adjustable focus technology, which enables the wearer to set their required level of focussing power for screens at all distances. Compared with standard prescription eyewear or readers, this flexibility means the eyewear itself can adapt to the screen in use, rather than forcing the wearer to adapt their position by leaning forwards or straining their neck. This ease of use makes Adlens Interface a particularly effective tool for combatting digital eye strain, as they can be used by anyone, for any screen, in any circumstance.

Via Adlens