Recognized by most who identify with competition and an active lifestyle, adidas has earned an unparalleled reputation of high-performance sports eyewear,  Adidas eyewear is proud to live up to this image and introduce tycane. It is the ultimate in performance sun wear and truly is a piece of outstanding equipment for your eyes.

tycane pro - product - a189 6053 silvermet blue


tycane pro - product - a189 6052 shiny white red


tycane pro - product - a189 6051 matte black lablime

Tycane is designed for the most extreme instances where peripheral vision, fit, and hydrophobic lens technology are all a necessity. With a 14% greater field of vision than other high profile competitor sunglasses, tycane offers the feeling of 360° vision with no frame in sight, and has 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. Its adidas patented LST Polarized lenses are standard to handle the most intense glare from snow or water. Some other features of this new product are the Tri-FitTM temples, Double-Snap Nose BridgeTM, and that it is offered in two sizes for the perfect fit. This adidas performance sunglass may be fitted to the athlete, as opposed to the athlete fitting the sunglass. A removable strap with buoyant insert completes the list of features, ensuring that this sunglass will handle anything and everything you challenge yourself with!

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