Goggles are certainly necessary to protect the eyes when swimming, skiing, and flying for they keep elements like water, cold, and wind at bay. Though this useful eyewear device has been around for quite some time there was huge resurgence in popularity at the turn of the 20th century – not long after the first aviation! Here are some of the best advertisements from that period showcasing goggles in an array of lights.

Vinagte Ski Poster

This 1930’s cover for Cosmopolitan magazine depicts a chic woman carrying her skis and wearing red lipstick and white rounded goggles. Undoubtedly, this February edition implies that this is what a fashion forward woman should use to protect her eyes when hitting the slopes.

Travel poster, 1935 Design: Herbert Matter Source: Paul Malon

This travel poster from 1935 featuring a man wearing goggles proves that anyone partaking in snow sports needs a pair of trusty goggles. Design: Herbert Matter Source: Paul Malon

arretto, Adam: La revue de l'homme, No. 117, 15 janvier 1936

Even the cartoon man on the cover of French magazine Adam: La revue de l’homme (No. 117, 15 janvier 1936) isn’t to be without goggles.  In this case the safety eyewear is strapped over the head piece for an extra aerodynamic look.Ski Goggles

An advertisement for Canadian Nabob Coffee features two peppy smiling blonds that look ready for anything in their cold weather gear and goggles!

Jürg Steiner, 1942 Hans Steiner

Goggles have proven to go hand-in-hand with the winter sports, and no child was left behind in that trend.  (Jürg Steiner, 1942 Hans Steiner)1943 fashion and skiing out-fit. A great photo-montage poster for the Grindelwald First ski-lift in the Bernese Oberland mountains in Switzerland.. Image

In 1943, Grindelwald’s first ski-lift in the Bernese Oberland Mountains in Switzerland was announced with this poster showing a mother-daughter team admiring the sites through their protective eyewear.  As a bonus, this image serves as a timeless relic of the ski fashions of that era. Galerie123


Cold weather and protective eyewear meet high fashion with these 1947 bat-winged goggles in white.


A snow bunny of sorts looks quite chic in big rounded goggles with details and striped knit mittens in 1947.

Snow Goggles 1947

The year is 1947, and if you aren’t skiing, wearing goggles, and posing for a photo op – we have to ask – then what are you doing??

Vogue Paris December 1951, photo Robert Doisneau

Photographer Robert Doisneau captures the essence of this fearless fashionista on the slopes for the Vogue Paris December 1951 magazine cover.  The white goggles are certainly meant to be the focal point atop the all black outfit.

L'Officiel December 1963
L’Officiel December 1963

The models in this L’official, December 1963 photograph look like they are working a runway in their chunky knit sweaters and cute snow beanies. The vintage looks maintain their chicness with black pants and goggle style sunglasses.  A quick shoutout to auspicious gentleman skiing in the back.

Ski fashion in Vogue Italia, 1969. Photo by Barry Lategan.
Ski fashion in Vogue Italia, 1969. Photo by Barry Lategan.

“To Ski or Not to Ski… That is the Question”.  A bold red ski outfit and sporty striped band goggles demonstrate ski fashion is high fashion in this Vogue Italia, 1969 issue. Photo by Barry Lategan.


The 1980s was another adventurous era in fashion wherein skiing and goggles both earned a popular vote.  This monochromatic yellow ensemble is only trumped by the oversized black bug eyed goggles worn by the gleaming model.

1988 Phil & Steve Mahre photo Reno sunglasses Ebay
1988 Phil & Steve Mahre photo Reno sunglasses Via Ebay

Twins and World Cup ski racers Phil & Steve Mahre put their trust in Revo sunwear in this 1988 advertisement.  (photo Revo sunglasses Ebay)

1980's Kiki Cutter x Ray-Ban Ebay

Kiki Cutter was another World Cup Ski racer and actually the first American to every win in 1968! With a title like that it’s no wonder Ray-Ban featured the champion in this 1980’s eyewear advertisement.  The white color of the sunwear could not be a perfect fit for the sport and fashion of skiing.

It’s January, get your goggles on and lets go skiing!