One of the best ways to help keep your eyes protected from the sun is by wearing sunglasses. Costhelper Health tells us the cost of prescription sunglasses come in a wide range, from $20-$700 based on the type of frames and lenses you choose.The key to feeling comfortable in these and looking your best will depend on the type you choose. It’s essential to shop around looking for the sunglasses that will help you look the most attractive. There are certain things you should keep in mind before buying these to assist you in having the right look.

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Tip #1: Brand

If you’re a male, you may want to look at designer glasses for men. Relying on a brand name could be the key to getting you the best glasses for your personal style.

Two benefits of choosing a designer brand?

1.  Quality – This can ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck; this means your sunglasses will last a long time and will be worth the cost.

2.  Popularity – If you enjoy having accessories that are well-known and popular to others, you may want to select a well-known brand.

Tip #2: Shape of your face

The key to getting the best look when buying either budget or expensive sunglasses is to choose a frame that is proportionate to your face. You don’t want to buy frames that are too large for your face or slide off.

It’s in your best interest to look at a variety of frame shapes and sizes prior to making a decision about the ones you purchase.

Tip #3: Color

You will want to choose the right color frames and the lenses that will allow you to have the necessary protection from the sun. One thing you may want to think about before buying sunglasses include the types of clothing you wear on a routine basis.

Are you more of a traditional dresser and stick to mainly black and navy colors? Perhaps, you tend to go a different route and enjoy showing off your personality by the way you dress.

Thinking about the things you wear each day can be extremely helpful in selecting the ideal sunglasses to match your wardrobe. Taking stock of the items in your closet is a great way to assist you when it comes to choosing any accessory, including sunglasses.

Tip #4: Type of lenses

You may think all sunglasses protect your eyes in the same way. For instance, polarized lenses don’t usually offer any better help when it comes to shading your eyes from the sun. However, the biggest way to protect your eyes with sunglasses is by shading your eyes from UV rays.

One thing you may want to look for are sunglasses that have 100% UV protection. This is the key to selecting glasses that will help you the most when you’re out and about in the sun, and even on cloudy days.

Taking care of your eyes should be one thing that is at the top of your priority list. The key to doing so will rest in being proactive and not waiting until you suffer from eye damage. It’s a very good idea to never leave home without your sunglasses and work to look your absolute best when wearing these in public!