Every true eyewear designer needs some incentive to stimulate creativity or celebrate resourcefulness. Mine is good wine, but hey, I am European.

In down-under Australia, 4 o’clock is drinks time at the Peter Coombs studio. It is also the inspiration for his eyewear range the 4 O’CLOCK collection. This is the time of day when he takes a moment out to reflect, to consider the path travelled and to celebrate wins with partners. His go-to tipples include Champagne and other times Gin, Tequila, Shiraz or Malt and are also the styles he offers in the collection.

Peter Coombs is an Eyewear- Designer- Jeweller Metalsmith who has been designing and making bespoke and limited edition art eyewear for 30 years. He now believes that “the time is right” for his niche eyewear to be better understood and appreciated on a larger scale.

His work connects with individuals looking for authentic, unique and inspiring personal accessories that augment a design-motivated lifestyle and distinctive personality. The frames take design in a new and intriguing direction with the unique Sterling Silver hinge as his signature design element. The face and temples are cut from a single piece of flat Titanium with fold and twists applied in ways that is relatively unseen in eyewear production.

A combination of Peter’s Australian based studio crafting and Japanese titanium manufacturing ensures specialist attention to every design, production and finishing detail.

Recently 3 new styles were added to the menu – Cognac, Fino and Martini. I

PeterCoombs_4OCLOCK_ChampagnePeter Coombs design – Model “Champagne”
PeterCoombs_4OClock_MaltPeter Coombs design – Model “Malt”
PeterCoombs_4OCLOCK_TequilaPeter Coombs design – Model “Tequila”

Style Cognac
Style Cognac


Peter Coombs design – Model “Cognac”
PeterCoombs_4OCLOCK_CognacPeter Coombs design – Hinge detail model “Cognac”

Martini with Olive Garnish
Martini In Green

PeterCoombs_4OCLOCK_MartiniPeter Coombs design – Temple detail model “Martini” Peter_Coombs_Cognac_Blue_Sun_sidePeter Coombs design – Model “Cognac in Blue” Peter_Coombs_Cognac_Bronze_Optic_sidePeter Coombs design – Model “Cognac in Bronze” Peter Coombs design – Model “Cognac in Marm Sun” Peter_Coombs_Fino_Redberry_Optic_sidePeter Coombs design – Model “Fino in Redberry”