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We love eyecare companies that give back. When we ran across 141 Eyewear, who give eyewear to those who don’t have glasses, we are impressed. Starting out small, they are located in Portland, Oregon in the Pearl district and will be branching out to other areas as the grow. Kudos!

From the website:

Every day, you make simple, critical choices. But it’s not everyday that your choice can necessarily make a difference. It’s not everyday that your choice will immediately change someone’s life. When you choose 141 Eyewear, we act on your behalf. For every pair of 141 Eyewear purchased, we give a new pair of prescription glasses to a person in need.  No portions of proceeds. No percentages. You buy, we give. One Four One.

We are an independent for-profit company with a simple system for addressing this one huge, yet very simple problem: 153 million people need corrective eyewear but cannot afford it. Our 141 business model provides a sustainable solution to give eyewear to those who need it most but may lack the access or funds to attain it. Our contribution is not reliant upon the donations of others…rather your purchase. We know that you can’t always cross an ocean or go before Congress to support what’s right; as a result, we have set up our business so that you are the benefactor, and ultimately, your purchase will change someone’s life.

Like you, we want to make a difference without having to sacrifice quality or style. Like you , we’re right here in the thick of it, designing some of the finest eyewear on the market from our own little big city, Portland, Oregon. And like you, we appreciate a timeless, classic aesthetic and the peace of mind from knowing that every part of our product is handcrafted in Japan from the finest materials.

Every day, you make simple, critical choices. It’s just not every day that your simple choice can immediately change a person’s life. You buy, we give. 141.

You can also visit them on Facebook,  Twitter  or their blog.


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