Silhouette, announced it’s Futura Anniversary Collection with an update of the iconic Futura Eyewear which was developed in 1974.The original Futura was made of  stiff heavy acetate with a redesign in 2004.

Silhouette Futura
Silhouette Futura Circa 1974

The new design embodies Silhouettes minimalist cutting edge outlook which is practically weightless and sleek modern.

Futura - Product - 4068 6050 Black Silver Stream - Angled
Black temple with silver mirrored lenses

The rimless edition is made of SPX+, a special polymer composites with elastic qualities and no need for screws or hinges.

Futura - Product - 4068 6051 Yellow Black Stream - Folded

Futura - Campaign Image - Girl in pool - 4086 6051 Yellow Black Stream
Yellow Temple with black lenses

The Futura collection demonstrates the brands commitment to constant forward thinking and the development of cutting edge materials.

Futura - Product - 4068 6052 White Gold Stream - Folded
White temples with bronze mirrored lenses

Futura - Campaign Image - 4068 6052 White Gold Stream (2)

More information available at Visit and or download Silhouette iMirro from the App Store.