Easter Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

It's a busy weekend across the country. Tonight is the first night of Passover. Tomorrow night is a "Blue Moon" or 2nd full moon...


Happy National Potato Chip Day

March 15 is National Potato Chip Day and while Potato Chips are not really that great for eye health, we can appreciate the artwork....

Bruerys’s Bespectacled Beer Bottles

Over the years there have been some 'optical or eyeglass' inspired beer and wine. The latest foray into the trend is The Bruery's Offshoot Beer...



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420 – Hemp Eyewear

Today is 420, which for those who are advocates of marijuana celebrate each year. The backstory of why 420 is as foggy as a room of committed marijuana smokers toking up. The most accepted...

360 Degrees Of Style – Round Frames To Light Up Spring

A glowing full moon, champagne bubbles, new tires on a new car. It seems that circular things are just simply a symbol of a good time. As we approach Earth Day, ic! berlin reminds...

La Matta Dares to Stand Out

Bewitching, seductive and fascinating: the new La Matta collection developed by Area98 is a homage to the modern, sensual woman, a mysterious woman who loves to transform herself and express her personality with determination and elegance. LM3237 -...

Fun in the Sun with Nano Vista

Introducing the new Nano Solar Clip collection from Nano Vista Eyewear. Nano Vista has done it again with the addition of the new Nano Solar Clip models to its offerings. Each clip is polarized...

Get The Fog Out

Fog has always posed a problem with vision. Whether trying to see through a San Francisco summer drive, or through a sudden Colorado mountain rainstorm, fog in an automobile is usually taken care of...

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