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DITA Eyewear Partners With Kirby Chambliss

A definition you can't own, you can only achieve. And DITA has achieved over 20 years. Since 1995, DITA has found inspiration in the international...


Happy National Potato Chip Day

March 15 is National Potato Chip Day and while Potato Chips are not really that great for eye health, we can appreciate the artwork....

Bruerys’s Bespectacled Beer Bottles

Over the years there have been some 'optical or eyeglass' inspired beer and wine. The latest foray into the trend is The Bruery's Offshoot Beer...



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New Visual Training Technology Enhances Athlete Performance

Studies show elite athletes often have superior eye-hand coordination and visual capability. While it was long thought these benefits were gifted at birth, new technology is demonstrating you can, in fact, enhance eye-brain connectivity...

Reading Glasses At The Touch Of A Button

There is an old Chinese saying that goes "May you live in interesting times". It is actually part of a curse, but for the moment, we will let that part of the saying go......

Pink is the New Black

PINK IS THE NEW BLACK Color accents are the focus of the new collection. Pink, purple, and turquoise bring a new vibrancy that people cannot get enough of! The fine frames made of pure titanium are...

Xavier Garcia Metal Collection

In Xavier Garcia’s new metal collection the colours and shapes of the frames work together to form timeless pieces. Each item in the collection is enduring, lightweight and easy to wear. Original and bright...

Coco Song Takes Flight

The new communication campaign of Coco Song, a famous eyewear brand known all over the world for its inspiration based on oriental contents, colors and atmospheres, is a true hymn to femininity in all...

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