WTFrame: Hieroglyphical Egyptian Eyewear By Amr Saad

Wow.. Impressive… these are great, were the first thoughts when I ran across artisan Egyptian Eyewear company Amr Saad.  Geometric shapes, circles and triangles are brought together in the eyewear— inspired by Jeroglificos. Jeroglificos” is a font “hieroglyphics” that is based upon the ancient Egyptian alphabet. Each letter is basically a group of basic shapes put together to form a single character and you can see that in the eyewear shapes.

Of special note is the luxurious Anakronous Collection is made from 14Kt Gold and or sterling. Six styles and a choice of gold or silver.

Mr-Saad-A)1-14 Kt Gold

Mr-saad #A01


Made from 92.5% silver material

AO3-Made from 92.5% silver material






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