WTFrame: Embroidered Sunglasses

Whether it be a masterpiece tapestry from 14th century France or a company emblem on a hat or polo shirt, embroidery is a worldwide staple in decorating fabrics.  Well, lets just throw the cloth aside for a second and challenge the eye with the introduction of Embroidered Sunglasses.  With all the eclectic  designs in the ever-growing eye wear population discovering a truly unique pair of glasses may raise a challenge.  These Floral Embroidered sunnies by London’s University of the Arts student Rebecca Tsang just might have you rethinking how you protect your precious pupils.

Found on buy Rebecca Tsang

Found on buy Rebecca Tsang

So what’s your stance on embroidered sunglasses – are they all the rage or totally thread-iculous? With the stringy designs prominently displayed on large glamorous frames you are certainly left with much to gab about in your sewing circle. Whatever your stance on this unusual eye wear collection, you know this nifty needle work deserves points for embarking on previously uncharted territories.

Rebecca Tsang Embroidered Sunglasses


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