Walter Van Beirendonck: Cutting Edge Eyewear

Walter Van Beirendonck is a Belgian designer with a colorful approach to fashion and a refusal to play it safe.  He mixes varying intricate prints, dabbles in an array of textures, and creates unique shapes with his oversized garments. Beirendonck is also one of the latest esteemed designers to collaborate with veteran eyewear company Linda Farrow.

The result of this union nothing less than you’d expect from an acclaimed eyewear company and a fearless couturier.  Just as the runway looks play with size and shape, the courageous frames mimic the same. A dark gray uni-lens sunglass makes a bold statement with an extreme triangular nose gap.  Posable nose cushions keep the shades in perfect place while thick bone colored tusk-like edges round out the look.

Linda Farrow x Walter Van Beirendonck

Linda Farrow x Walter Van Beirendonck

The lenses also come in a rich burgundy shade that complements nicely the bone tone of the frames.  We applaud this killer collaboration and deem these shades the ultimate cool-boy sunglasses.

Walter Van Beirendonck

Via Linda Farrow 

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