Volfoni Unveils Activeyes- Multi-Functional 3D Eyewear


Volfoni Unveils “Activeyes”, World’s First Cross-Over (Active & Passive) and Multi-Functional 3D Eyewear at CES Volfoni’s revolutionary new line of intelligent 3D eyewear will be displayed in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2011

Activeyes is the world’s first totally universal eyewear, compatible with all active and passive 3DTVs and PC monitors currently available on the market. Featuring a 2 piece solution composed of glasses and an electronics clip, the product will be available for demo at booth 25711-South Hall Lower Level (3D@Home corner) along with 2 other models optically optimized for 3DTVs or PC monitors.

Activeyes represents Volfoni’s technological know-how and thinking outside the box mindset and research to create a new product that will provide an excellent 3D quality, compatible with all 3D displays, a stylish and ergonomic design, and various innovative and fun applications that can be used outside home and at movie theaters.

“We are excited to showcase our innovative Activeyes patent pending product at this year’s CES,” says Thierry Henkinet, President of Volfoni. “Activeyes is truly universal and intelligent eyewear. They are compatible with all 3DTV sets, PC monitors and most movie theaters and you can wear them outside. They are light (29gr/1oz) and stylish. Consumers can finally have a real choice in buying high quality, yet affordable active eyewear to enjoy 3D content with family and friends as well as fun applications we are developing.”

In September of this year, Volfoni successfully launched EDGE™1.0, its very own active 3D glasses designed for multi-users. These glasses have been reviewed by a wide range of key professionals from integrators to Hollywood movie studios and were judged as the best 3D glasses available on the market. EDGE™ is recognized for offering more brightness, more natural colors and an unprecedented comfort thanks to Volfoni’s R&D on ergonomics.

To arrange a meeting with Volfoni executives at CES, please send an email to contact@volfoni.com Additional details on the innovative applications will be unveiled at the CES 2011. More information visit www.volfoni.com

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