VMax Vision Launches PSF Refractor

WINDERMERE, Florida, March, 2011—Vmax Vision, Inc., an emerging leader inn diagnostic instrumentation for the optical and eye care industry, announced today the launch of the PSF Refractor™ and Encepsion™ lenses at the SECO meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Optometric and ophthalmic clinicians are now able to use the Vmax Refraction technology to more accurately refract patients. The PSF Refractor offers a patented unique Integrated Vision System that allows eye care practitioners to provide their patients with the most accurate refraction available, directly incorporating patient subjective input. It is up to five times more precise than the phoropter measuring to 0.05D accuracy. This exacting data can then be used to prescribe premium Encepsion PALs and single vision lenses, which are manufactured using 100% digital free form Diamond Point™ Technology, incorporating the patient’s lifestyle and individualized fitting data.

Shui Lai, PhD, founder and CEO, Vmax Vision, Inc. stated, “This is an unprecedented technology for eye care practitioners. It represents the first breakthrough in Subjective Refraction in over 80 years. We are especially pleased to launch the integrated Vision System which is comprised of the PSF Refractor and Encepsion lenses. The PSF Refractor gives leading edge practitioners the opportunity to use a state of the art refraction system and provide their patients with the best possible vision and a more relaxed refraction experience.”

About Vmax Vision

Vmax Vision, Inc. offers a Point Spread Function (PSF) refractor for achieving the best possible vision. It surpasses phoropters, provides 5 times more accurate subjective refraction, highest reliability, EMR connectivity, and neutralizes wavefront aberrations.Encepsion Lenses are free-form PALs that are life style and frame optimized, produced to 0.05 diopters accuracy. Perfect for practice differentiation and increased profitability.

For further information contact:

Kevin Bligh

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