Unusual Urbani Eyeglasses

Ottica Urbani is an optical shop in Venice, Italy. Established in 1952 they offer full collections of hand-crafted eyewear and sunglasses. But as Eyewear Afficiandos we would be hard pressed to find just one style from the myriad of choices: bespoke, wood, horn, folding sunglasses and of course our favorite and fun kitsch look.

The eyewear is all made with Mazzuchelli 1849 zyl acetate.  There are several bubbled styles that are whimsical. The first is style Tondo with paned Murano glass bubbles. Mirrors a raised eyebrow look.. Say what…

Tondo with Murano Glass

Tondo with Murano Glass

Ottica urbani

If you prefer bubbles on the outside of the frame, style Queen comes with several options. Swarovski crystals or colors. Take your pick.

Queen with Swarovski Stones

Queen with Swarovski Stones


Queen made with Mazzucchelli 1849

The decor, the craftmanship, the history make this a must see stop in Venice. I think it’s time for a Road Trip.

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