Tribute Sunglasses by Oscar Mamooi

These wonderfully designed Tribute Sunglasses were designed by creative artist Oscar Mamooi, whose inspiration was Anna Piaggi. Anna Piaggi was born in Milan on 22 March 1931 and initially worked as a translator for an Italian publishing company Mondadori. Progressing into the fashion world she wrote for fashion magazines and designed page spreads in Italian Vogue. She was known for artistic flair was given free expression. Reknown for her large clothing collection (2865 dresses and 265 pairs of shoes) she was an eclectic presence and never wanted to appear in public in the same outfit.

You can see that spirit and the tribute with these ‘Eclectic Eyeglasses’. The shape and the individualized pattern are without equal and for the discerning woman.

tribute sunglasses -1

Tribute Sunglasses 2

Tribute sunglasses 3

Tibute Sunglasses 5

Tribute Sunglasses 6

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