The Hoya Free Form Company Launches Spectangle App For Personalized Lenses

THE HOYA FREE FORM COMPANY Launches New APP to Help Move Optical Market to Personalized Lenses

Dallas, Texas – August 10, 2012 The technological achievements of Hoya’s personalized progressive lens, HoyaLux ID MyStyle, can now be realized in all independent practices thanks to the development of Hoya’s new app Spectangle. Spectangle addresses many of the drawbacks required to prescribe personalized progressives including time necessary to take frame and fitting measurements, equipment investment and ease of operating measuring devices. Ideally, every dispensing table can now be equipped with i-pads so no patient waiting while the measurement device becomes available.

“We were amazed at the response received while testing Spectangle both in practices and at the big shows”, states Ron Barnes, Director of Project Marketing. “We want it now” was the common response of those previewing the app.”

Spectangle allows the optician to take photos using the ipad camera, make adjustments on the screen, enter in Rx data and lifestyle preferences then push a button to send the order to the lab. “For an optician to explain to a patient while seated at the dispensing table the critical measurements required to ensure the ultimate personalized lens, creates such a point a differentiation that walking with the Rx becomes a thing of the past” says Barnes.

Spectangle measurements include pantoscopic tilt, face form angle, back vertex distance, PD, seg height, A, B, DBL. “We were so wrapped up ensuring the measurements were accurate that we didn’t even realize what a great tool Spectangle was to correct common frame fitting errors. Every picture tells a thousand stories so if the frame if setting improperly on the patients face, it is easily detected and easily corrected while the patient is still in the office. I expect a vast reduction of redos caused by improper frame fittings” says Barnes.

The new Hoya app, although designed specifically for iD MyStyle, can also be used to take accurate pds and seg heights for any lens style.

Spectangle is available on apples iTunes app store for $399.99. A complimentary Spectangle fitting kit, including measurement lock-on devices, is required and will need to be ordered on website after the app purchase. Also required is a current Hoya account number to order the kit.

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