Tameless Eyewear From Brendel

Grrr… Brendel Eyewear adds striking additions to their collection by delicately combining bold accents without being too daring. The upswept rectangle front has a thinner profile and a subtle end piece, giving the style a look of class that does not overpower the face. Take notice of the sculpted 3-D barrel metal temples in complementing metal colors. They are intricate and well crafted to hide the integrated spring hinge. The classic color palette includes a deep black acetate laminated to a crystal layer that is exposed from a side view, and a two-tone bronze leopard print laminated to metallic bronze acetate.

Brendel Style 903025

Brendel Style 903025 in Black/Crystal

903025 in Leopard

903025 in Leopard

This rectangular shape boasts an uplifting sweep, and modern geometric angles. The carved effect along the front temporal edges creates a high fashion edge The Brendel woman can choose either minimal or statement coloration. One option has shiny black acetate milled to a black matte brushed effect for tonal sophistication. The more daring woman may choose the black leopard color which features a blond leopard print carved elegantly down to a rich shiny black. The brown leopard will appeal to the woman who wants a subtle color tone of a warm brown matte brushed look – for a touch of differentiation.

924003 in Leopard

924003 in Leopard/ Black


924003 in Black


924003 in Tortoise Leopard

924003 in Tortoise Leopard

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